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FidoNet 1:2404/205

HITCHHIKERS has been available for over 8 years and will be staying!
SVGA graphics when used with the SHOTGUN terminal program
You can play DOORGAMES against other local opponents
New files arrive DAILY in many different catagories
Over 50 FidoNet message echos are carried
Modem speeds up to 28.8 are supported
2.4 gigs of -BISTRO DRIVE- space
No Anti-Peril sunglasses required!
Best of all is it is FREE!
Just bring your towel

How can I do all this for FREE?
Simply because I don't give a fuck about you USERS! I do this for MY OWN enjoyment!
So, if you get on my bad side I just lock yo' ass out!

Your Sysop,
Annoy Me, Fool!
Ford Prefect Mail Here, Fool

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