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          The PET PRIDE BBS

          Located in Lancaster, CA, with FidoNet and many doorgames.

          Fancy Feline, SysOp, of The PET PRIDE BBS
          FidoNet 1:2404/203 and 1:2404/204

          Give us a call to enjoy great BBSing.

          We have over 100 registered doorgames on line,
          many FidoNet Echos and, of course,
          lots of cat and animal files and GIFS.
          We also receive many new files every day
          for your enjoyment for all operating platforms.

          Send Email to Fancy Feline - OOPS - too late

          Have fun on the Internet but
          it will never be as great as local BBS's
          where you have a friendly SysOp
          to assist you!

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          Web page for PET PRIDE...

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          didja see The Net?

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